Campions Find a Property offers a new and simple way to connect with potential buyers and sellers in your neighbourhood.

For Buyers

1. List as a Buyer

Listing as a buyeron Find a Property is easy, just leave a few details, where you’re looking to buy and that’s it.

2. Submit Your Listing

Once you’ve entered your information, hit submit and pending review your listing will be made live.

3. Connect with Property Sellers

Once your listing is live, you’ll be instantly visible to hundreds of potential sellers. Your new property could be a few clicks away!

List as a Buyer

For Sellers

Connecting with Buyers is easy. Head to our Listings page to search Buyers looking in your local area.

2. Review Buyers

Check the buyers profile to see if they could be interested in your property.

3. Connect with Buyers

If your property fits a buyers specification, just get in touch using the contact forms available!

Find a Buyer